Accurate Asphalt Paving - Driveway Care

Driveway Care


Once paving is complete it is recommended to refrain from use for 3-4 days

It takes approximately 1 full year for asphalt to cure

Lawn chairs, kickstands, trailer jacks, etc can leave marks on hot days or if left for extended periods of time.

Try not to be at a complete stop when turning your steering wheel to prevent scuffs.

Do not sealcoat for a full year from date of istallation

Motor oil dripped in one spot for an extended period of time can dissolve the asphalt in that spot


Currently we do not offer sealcoating as we are too busy with the paving, however below is some information you may find useful.

Sealcoating is a liquid applied to asphalt surfaces either by squeegee or spraying. There are many trains of thought if it really protects asphalt or not. We know for sure it protects from vehicles with bad oil leaks. The main reason people sealcoat is for asthetics, as it renews an older faded driveway. Sealcoat should not be applied more than every other year or until stones in the asphalt are white. Driveways that are snowblown in the winter may get 3-4 years from each sealing.